Unyielding Attention To Detail

Unyielding Attention To Detail

A great benefit of the internet age to The Shellhammer Group and our clients is the ability to work closely together when your primary residence is outside of our area. With email and digital photos, we keep you updated on progress and details no matter where you live.

And because we see a home as more than the sum of its materials, we are very flexible and accommodating about modifications during the construction process. We are delighted to help you in exploring the options, with the goal of hearing you say:

“This is exactly what I wanted.”

We could tell you that we are the best choice for your new home, but we would rather our past clients do that for us, so please read some of our testimonials and let us know how we can build your dream home.

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Customer Reviews

My wife and I agree with all the testimonials about Tim Shellhammer’s character. He is a very nice, honest, hardworking contractor/project manager, who takes pride in his and his team’s work. But the most important thing is the final product. The guest house he recently finished for us is a work of art! I wanted to put a plaque on the wall with all the names of the carpenters and tradesmen. On top of the plaque would be “Built by Tim Shellhammer

Tim led the construction of our home at Figure 8, from initial consultations to framing to finishing, a two year project. And since 2016 he has been our go to guy on anything significant related to our home. During construction and since, we have gotten to know Tim very well. He is immensely capable, reliable and trustworthy. He is a problem solver. I like most his ability and willingness to collaborate and discuss alternatives to find solutions. And because he is creative and deeply experienced, you get options to consider. I would give The Shellhammer Group my highest recommendation.

Tom L.